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Snag these Top Tips to Building a Perky, Round Booty!

As women, most of us have goals to trim our waist line and sculpt a nice back side!   A nice booty is high on the list of priorities for women as they hit the gym working hard for their dream body.  How many "squat challenges" have you seen on the internet? Too many. And no, they don't work, you can stop now...

Lifting heavy weights, using resistance bands and performing the movements properly is what will get you the booty of your dreams.  

I am talking not just squats, but also walking lunges, 1 leg lunges, dead lifts, box jumps, hip thrusts, step ups, kick backs, lateral raises and more.

What you don't realize is that many people are doing these exercises all wrong, and you might be too.  If your form isn't just right, your dominating quad muscles (the front of your thighs) will take over and your butt muscles won't be doing squat (pun intended) So, write these tips down and incorporate them in your next leg day!  I have them written out below, but check out the video at the end where I go into a bit more detail and demonstrate each tip.  If you start to use these tips in your lower body workouts, you WILL see much faster results! 1. Keep the weight in your heels and toes up in all moves, not just squats but also in your lunges, good mornings, deadlifts, sumos, lateral lunge, jump squat, step ups, hip raise, etc.  Even while doing leg lifts like donkey kicks, kick backs or side leg raises, lift your leg leading with your heel and flex your foot to activate the back of your legs and your glutes. 2. When doing body weight squats or lunges, hold your arms out straight, or up straight over your head.  This will help keep your form correct so that you’re forcing your glutes to work, and not allowing your quads (front of thighs) to take over.

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3. Play around with your foot placement.  Our bodies are all shaped differently, structurally.  In order to FEEL it in your booty, you may need to try different stances.  Try doing your squats with your feet wide, then try narrow, then try it with your toes pointed out… just move around until you actually FEEL your booty burn!

4. Don’t lock your knees out.  When you are coming up from a squat or lunge, or standing up at the top of a step up exercise, keep a slight bend in your knees to maintain the tension on your muscles.

5. Control the movement on way DOWN as well.  Try going down slowly, with control when you are doing squats, dead lifts, hip raises, leg press, etc.  During any movement, try lowering down into it slower.

6. Go heavy with less reps.  When you are trying to build and shape your booty, it’s all about building muscle.  Muscle comes from lifting heavy weights!  You want to ONLY be able to perform 6-8 reps at the most before you hit failure. If you feel like you could do more reps, that means your weight is too light!

7. Do lower body workouts 3 days a week with a day between. 

8. Watch the video below for a more in depth training on how to implement these tips!

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