• L.C.

Drop Sets to Build your Booty to Boss Status

Drop sets are one of the best techniques for putting on muscle mass… and we all want a little mass on Dat Azzzz right!?  

So what exactly ARE drop sets, and how do you use them properly?

Drop sets are a technique where you perform an exercise at a heavy weight, and then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps until you can’t do any more, then drop the weight again and continue for more reps until failure.

You can drop 3 times, 4 times, as many times as you like. It all depends on how heavy you start out.

The reason why drop sets work is that in any given set you are only recruiting a certain amount of muscle fibers. By then dropping the weight down and going lighter for more reps, you recruit different muscle fibers, which help the muscles achieve growth that couldn’t be achieved by sticking with the same weight.

Plus it allows you to do more reps and really work that muscle to failure, which forces growth.

How to Implement Drop Sets into your Routine

You may be using dumbbells, cables or on a machine, it doesn’t really matter.  You will want to perform your drop set as the last set in your circuit.  

So for example, if you’re getting to the end of your workout and your last 2 exercises are pushups and bicep curls, and you’re doing 3 sets of 15, go ahead and do 3 sets of your pushups, and 2 sets of your bicep curls then when you get to your 3rd set of curls you will drop set.  You will pick a weight that is so heavy you can only so 6-8 reps with it.  

Then drop the weight and do as many reps as you can. Then drop the weight again and rep it out.  

Keep going until you’re at the 5lb weights and perform reps until failure.  

Example:  I start curling with 20lb dumbbells for 8 reps. I move to 15lbs and curl 10reps before my arms fail. Then I move to 10lbs and can curl 12 reps before failure. I drop to 5lbs and perform 20 reps until I can’t rep No MO’!

Save your drop sets for your last set, or you could do them at the beginning and end of your workout.  You just don’t want to do too many drop sets in one workout, because you want to be able to get through the whole routine!

Peace, love, and lift!