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She lost 70lbs in 9 months!

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Barb's Story

"I did the Build a Booty workshop, and the changes I saw blew me away!  After phase 1 which was 6 weeks long, I had already seen HUGE difference and it really motivated me to keep going.  After doing phase 2 and 3 (all 6 weeks long)  I looked like a different person in my before and afters!  I can't say enough great things about Leia and her online training!"

Heidi's Story

weight loss

I was a very tired mom of four children and 40 pounds heavier than I wanted to be and simply did not have the motivation to loose the unwanted weight. My husband ran across a face book page of Leia. He encouraged me to set up a consult because he knew how much I wanted a change. When I started working with Leia, I actually stuck with the plan that she set up for me. Leia's workouts were great because she PUSHED me to the max and that is what I needed. Not only was I motivated by the workouts, it immediately changed my eating habits. (Ok sweets may still be my weakness) One year later... I am still working out almost every day and still making healthy food choices.  Most importantly I am loving the way my body looks and just ran my 1st half marathon! Having Leia as my personal trainer has greatly impacted me and my lifestyle so that it includes fitness and a healthy diet. It has also made me a happier and confident person.   I have now decided to become a certified personal trainer myself!

Laura: over 8 weeks, weight stayed the same but lost 6.5in over her entire body!