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Tried everything and still not seeing results?

Let me help you create a simple routine that is easy to maintain with delicious nutrition, enjoyable workouts and results you can maintain for life!

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Hi! I’m Leia

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and Health Coach (License #T159421)

Are you tired of:

Wanting to workout but not knowing what to do or how to do it?

Feeling like you've "tried it all" and nothing works or sticks?

Trying supplements and fad diets with no results?

I've been there, I get it! Feeling like you've been trying all the things for years and you're still struggling. But imagine:

> Feeling confident and strong in your workouts

> Seeing steady progress week to week, month to month 

> Getting results that are SUSTAINABLE, with an easy plan to follow that fits into your lifestyle so you never feel deprived


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to check out my fitness feature on Houston's KPRC

Real People, Real Transformations

Program options

Welcome to 

Leia Nicole Fitness

Customized Fitness & Health Coaching designed specifically for YOUR individual goals and lifestyle. 

Every woman is different. Let's find what works for YOU!

Custom Online Training

Option 1


Get 1-on-1 personalized, custom coaching based on 
your individual goals, fitness level, body type and lifestyle. No two clients have the same program! Home or Gym options!

Learn how to eat to get results that you can maintain. You'll follow a plan that tells you how much to eat (calories, protein, carbs, etc) as well as sample meal plans to choose from. You will have alot of freedom with your food! Nothing extreme here.

Weekly check-ins where we work on any struggles, celebrate wins, go over meal prep and set goals for the week ahead!

Know exactly what you need to do to finally reach your goals.
Simply follow the plan laid out for you! Video demos of all exercises.

24/7 Support from ME, your own personal coach! I provide daily motivation, accountability and support. 

Get on the fly adjustments helping you stay on track and never falling short again. All of this delivered in my free app.

Workouts Only

Get fit with custom workouts designed around your
unique body type, lifestyle and goals

Workouts delivered right to you via my free app

Option 2


Workouts for at home or the gym, with whatever equipment you have, according to your fitness level.

Video demonstrations and instructions with each exercise.

This option does not include any personal coaching. You will get a custom designed workout delivered to you in the app every 4 weeks. No nutrition or other support is offered with this option.

In Person

Option 3


I am NOT currently taking in-person training clients at the moment.


Check out what some of my clients have to say!

Morgan James, NY

Krissy J.

My life dramatically changed when I acquired Leia's services. I am a type 2 diabetic & was struggling to lower my blood sugar so that I didn't have to take medicinal injections. Leia showed me how, with diet and exercise, to get that under control. I also shaped up, lost inches and feel great! I am forever grateful to Leia!

Mariana D.

Leia has truly changed my life. She has changed the way I look at food, and the way I look at myself. I have always had a love-hate relationship with diet & exercise, but now I eat out of love for my body & that changed everything for me. I have confidence again, I can fit into my favorite clothes and this time around I am trying to be healthy, not skinny!

Sarah J.

Leia is amazing. She is so
non-judgmental no matter what your body type is! She will have your back all the way. Even though she is hundreds of miles away, it feels like she is right here with me! An amazing motivator and educator!

Step 1

Get motivated & ready for change

Step 2

Reach out and let me help you select a program that's best for you

Step 3

Start building the body you've always wanted!

Stop waiting for the "right time".

You don't have to keep starting and stopping and starting over again. Commit to a plan, trust the process and watch your body change over time... and never have to "start over" again!


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