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70lbs Lost!
70lbs Lost!

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Before and After Weight Loss
Before and After Weight Loss

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Licensed, ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2011


I want to follow you! Link up with me on social so we can cheer each other on through this empowering and sometimes frustrating journey!  I am often doing Q&A's and free training on IG Live. I share my personal experiences with you and give you a sneak peek into my daily life, habits, workouts, diet and more!

Compare Training Plans: Which is right for you?

Transformation Program

If you are serious about losing fat, tightening/toning up, becoming stronger and healthier with long lasting results, this is the program for you!

This program combines in-person training with me in my private garage gym once or twice a week, as well as online training via my app for the rest of the week.

Working out with me 1-2x a week is great, but you won't see results unless you're also eating a proper diet and doing the proper exercise the other 5-6 days a week.

What you get:

- 30min private training sessions with me in my garage gym, 1-2x a week, it's up to you. A 30min session is $40

- A customized nutrition plan (meaning I tell you how many calories you should be eating, how much protein, carbs, fats, etc) and help you figure out WHAT to eat, HOW to eat and develop healthy habits that include meal prepping, eating on the go, etc. 

- A custom workout program designed just for your body type, lifestyle and goals. You will get access to this via my app, where you will log your workouts on the other days you are not seeing me in person. This will look different for each person, as I craft your workouts specifically for your needs and goals. 

- Weekly check-ins to help keep you accountable. You will fill out a weekly check in report and we go over your food log, your workouts, your sleep, your stress, your water intake, everything related to your health and wellness. We celebrate your wins and navigate struggles, planning together for the week ahead. Every 2 weeks we take progress pics and evaluate how things are going. 

- 24/7 support and communication! I am available any time for you to reach out via text/email/video if you have questions or just need some motivation and encouragement!

This is $197 for the first month, then $167 each month after that. You must commit to at least 3 months but you will always pay monthly. Most of my clients that are successful and see lasting results stay with me for about a year. 

Your total investment will be the cost of the monthly coaching via the app plus however many in-person sessions you choose to do.

Custom Online Training

This is everything listed in the Transformation Program above, minus the in-person training sessions. I will only be able to take a select number of people for private training, so in the event that I don't have any spots left but you are still serious about getting results and changing your life, this is for you! I've been doing online training for many years and all the transformations you see below are online clients. 

This is $197/mo for the 1st month, $167/mo each month after with a 3 month minimum commitment. (paid monthly)


In Person Private Training

30min one-on-one training sessions in my personal garage gym. $40/session, and you can come 1-2 times a week. There is no other support is provided. 

Custom Workout Only


If you feel like you have your nutrition down, you don't need the accountability, motivation or support from a coach, and just want me to design a custom workout program for you, I can do this via my app. Whether you workout from home, the gym, or both... or maybe you travel alot, or just don't know WHAT to do, I can create a personalized workout specifically for your individual goals. This is $97/mo with a 3 month minimum commitment. (paid monthly) no other support is provided. 

Take a peek inside the training app!

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