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Holiday Hustle
8 Week Challenge

Finish 2023 off with big results

holiday hustle.jpg

A Results-Driven Training Method

The holidays are busy, so you need a workout you can be consistent with.. that is the only way to see results!

So these workouts are about 20min and just 4 days a week. 


A Nutrition Plan The Whole Family
Can Stick To

This meal plan, with gluten free options, provides you with simple and delicious recipes everyone in the family will love!


Healthy Desserts & Holiday Hacks

You will get recipes for healthy desserts so that you can indulge in the holiday festivities without losing progress on your goals!

You will also get weekly tips and tricks for staying on track through the holiday season


Group & 1-1 Coaching, Weekly Check-ins

Everything is delivered inside my app, where there is also a group chat feature. Here, everyone can chat with each other, support and encourage one another or ask me questions directly. We will also have check ins weekly, set goals for the new week, upload progress pics and more!


Join for $67 today.. that's just $1.19 a day!  

Check out some of my past clients results below! This could be you!

One person in the challenge will win a FREE month of custom training with me to start 2024 off with a bang!! Join us for the Holiday Hustle and let's rewrite the holiday story together! Say NO to those extra pounds and YES to a healthier, stronger you! See you on the inside!

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