Build a Booty Workshops

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"Oh, my gosh.. Becky, look at her butt!"

How awesome would it be, to be able to fill out those jeans?  Really rock a pair of shorts and feel

confident in bikini bottoms?

Throw away your swim suit cover ups!  This program will fix that flat, saggy behind and build you sexy curves, shapely legs and a lifted, perky booty!

Listen to Joanna's experience with the Booty Workshops and see her results!

Do it at home or at the gym!

But wait... I haven't even told you the best part yet

This program will not only give you a jaw dropping, head turning booty.  It will also shrink your waist, banish love handles, reduce cellulite, trim and tone your thighs and give you that hour glass shape!


How, you ask??

This workshop will have you strengthening and conditioning some of the LARGEST muscles in your body.  (Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes)  The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the more fat your body burns!  So when you work on the large muscles, you are going to get a big calorie burn and huge benefits all around!

Build.  Shape.  Sculpt.  Lift.  Tighten.  Tone.


I am sharing with you THE BEST booty and leg sculpting workouts, put together in a strategic way to really bring results to any woman, no matter you age, shape or fitness level.  

What makes them the best?

There are specific techniques, when used in the right sequences, that have proven to work better than any other style of exercise.  It's the secret sauce.  And I am giving YOU the recipe!

The Build a Booty Workshops are something I worked on for a year before putting it all together and making it available to the public. I tested different exercises and techniques backed by science until I found the formula that worked for everyone.  Women from their 20's to their 50's, beginners and advanced athletes, working out from home or at the gym... everyone saw jaw dropping results!  Not only will you transform your booty, your entire BODY will change! We saw thighs slimming up, cellulite disappearing, flat booties being lifted and rounded.... and jiggle being banished!  We even saw love handles melt away.  

So, how does it work?

- Each phase consists of 3 different workouts that you will perform 3 times a week, for 6 weeks. There is a version for the gym, and there is another version for at home training, whichever you prefer.  You will work out 3 days a week for 6 weeks, every other day giving your muscles a day to rest, recover and grow between sessions.


- You will get an email with a download of the workouts.  You can keep this on your computer, phone, or print it off.  You will also get access to the membership site where you will find more in depth information on the program, explanations/descriptions and video demonstrations of each exercise so you know how to perform them properly.

- You will start with Phase 1 which lasts 6 weeks, and then you will move onto Phase 2, then finally Phase 3.  

You will see amazing results after the 1st phase, but I highly recommend you go through all the phases to get

optimal results.


- Access to our Private Facebook group where you can connect with me directly as well as other women who are involved in our programs!  Motivation, support and accountability are keys to your success.

So, what's all included?

Legs & Booty Workout Guide

This is delivered straight to your inbox, where you can download it to your phone or print it off.  The exercises, reps and sets are all laid our for you here. 

VALUE:  $47

Access to the Membership Site

Here you will find video demonstrations of each exercise to teach you proper form.  I will show you how to modify each move to make it easier, or more challenging and how to do the exercises with or without equipment. 

VALUE: $69

Access to me 24/7 and the Private Facebook Group

It's like having a personal trainer on call!  You have access to me anytime to answer all your questions and provide you with insight, motivation and support. There will also be weekly check -ins by ME personally to help keep you on track!  

VALUE:  $137

Total Value: $253

Leia Nicole's Booty Brigade Discount

Home Version

Only $39

Gym Version

Immediate Access to this program on purchase! This product is 100% digital and you will receive instant access after checkout. No physical products will be shipped.

I can't wait to see your before and

after photos!

See you inside the workshop!

Have questions before you buy?  

Shoot me a message below!



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