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5 Ways to Set Yourself up For Success in Fitness and in Life

If you want to be successful in your weight loss program or any other area in life, you need to have a plan.

You need to be proactive every day, creating routines and habits that will move you closer toward your goals. You can't just WANT something, and think if you do some exercise and eat a little better that you'll see great success. There's no plan in that! We all know we are supposed to eat healthy and exercise... so why aren't we all super models?

It takes a plan of action, and the little things you do daily will add up to big results.

Watch the video below to learn about the 5 ways you can set yourself up for success whether it's in fitness, nutrition, your career, a dream you're chasing, or anything else in life. Put these things into action and watch your progress skyrocket!


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#1. Create an environment that promotes your success

If you're trying to lose weight and eat healthier, you shouldn't have a single cookie in the house! So many people set themselves up for failure by leaving temptations and junk food in their home. Make it easier on yourself to reach your goals by keeping only healthy food in your house, so that even when you're wanting to cave and grab something sweet, you don't have the option!

#2. Schedule out your day, and make it a priority

Put it in your calendar as an appointment that you need to hit the gym at a certain time, or that you need to start meal prepping for the next day at 6pm. Then stick to your schedule!

If we don't schedule it, it's so easy to let other things get in the way and then before you know it, the day is over! You have to treat this like it's a business meeting at work, you wouldn't miss that would you? A bonus benefit of making it a priority is that you start saying "yes" to yourself, which in turn makes you start to treat yourself as valuable and important, and that ups your confidence level like crazy!

When you stop putting everyone else first, and start taking care of YOU, going for your dreams and reaching your goals, you'll start to recognize your worth which boosts self esteem and shows other people how to treat you!

You gain respect from others and you will inspire them to do better as well, plus be a good role model for your kids. You'll be able to take care of your loved ones much better when you take care of yourself first!

#3. Get an accountability partner or trainer

We seem to have n problem letting ourselves down... but we don't like to let others down! When someone else is counting on us, it motivates us to make them proud. Find a friend or join a facebook group where you can share this journey with someone else, and hold each other accountable.

When you know that person will be calling to ask how your workout went, you will feel the pressure to do it! Or when you know you have to check in with your trainer, you won't want them to be disappointed in you.

This is one reason why I make my clients keep a food log and ask to see it once a week! This is one of the keys to being successful in any area of life - accountability.

#4. Just Start!

Sometimes you just don't feel like getting up and doing the work that day. Maybe your goal is to exercise daily or maybe you are training for a marathon, or maybe you want to meditate 20min a day.

When you really don't feel like it and you are tempted to put it off until tomorrow, just start. Just begin and give it 5 minutes. Once you start, 99% of the time you will keep going. The hardest part is always starting!

#5. Use mobile apps as reminders

This one is huge. There's an app for everything these days! If your goal is to drink more water, there's an app for that! You can make an alarm go off every hour to remind you to drink a glass of H2O.

Or how about an app that sends you daily motivating quotes? Sometimes we just need to be reminded, in a world full of distractions we can simply forget! Use these apps as a tool to help push you toward your goals!

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Here's to your success!