Customized Online Training

Sculpt the body of your dreams!
Work closely with Leia as she designes a program just for you, based on your unique body type, needs, goals, fitness level and lifestyle. A personalized program tailored specifically for you!

Success Stories

I LOVE working one-on-one with people!  Here is where the magic happens.
We take a deep look at your lifestyle, your body type, your needs and your goals.  We look at what you've done in the past, what got you to where you are now and where you really want to be.  
I create a plan that is customized just for you, tailored to the unique way your body works and responds.  I work closely with you, always checking in and tweaking things if we need to.  
We find what works for YOU, and I help you not only get in shape but STAY in shape.  
You will be able to make this type of healthy living a lifestyle, so you will never have to worry about fighting the scale again! Lose the weight and keep it off.  That's what my clients do!

My 12 week custom coaching program is designed to help you:

  • Stop the cycle of starting and stopping one new diet/workout after another 

  • Lose fat and KEEP it off

  • Establish a manageable fitness & nutrition regimen that is enjoyable

  • Increase energy

  • Love your body and feel more confident at all ages

  • Gain new habits surrounding fitness & food for lasting lifestyle change you love

  • Discover new feelings of self-worth, self-discipline and self-motivation that keeps you progressing

A 1hr personal training session at a gym costs about $70.

And that's just for ONE hour, on ONE day. 

With my online training, you get everything you need to reach your goals.

Daily workouts to follow, a nutrition plan and 24/7 support from ME,

your own personal trainer ON CALL whenever you need me!


  • A comprehensive program designed just for you, based on your unique body type, needs, goals, lifestyle, etc.

  • Weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and keep you accountable.  We check your measurements, progress pictures, food log, see how your workouts are going, talk about your struggles and your successes.  We see what's working and what may need to change.  I will keep you progressing and moving forward!

  • Personalized nutrition plan with LOTS of food options & recipes, so you won't feel deprived!

  • Personalized workout plan for at home or at the gym, designed to help you reach your individual goals. Each client is different!  Your plan will be easily accessed in our app, with links to video demonstrations of each exercise so that you know how to perform them correctly, and detailed instructions with options to modify if needed

  • Supplement suggestions based upon your individual needs and goals

  • Goal setting and mindset training

  • 24/7 access to an experienced, certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach (ME!) to answer all questions, modify the plans if needed, support and motivate you, keep you accountable and monitor progress, changing things along the way if necessary.  You always have access to me!

  • Access to my private Facebook group to connect with other women doing my workouts, challenges, fitness apps and nutrition programs

You deserve to love your body, be confident in your own skin, enjoy tons of energy and feel empowered because you are investing in YOU!

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