Transform your body AND your mind in just 30 Days!

- Perfect for beginners 

- Works for more advanced fit chicks as well

- You can spend 5-20min a day, whatever works for you!

- No equipment needed, and workouts can be done anywhere! No gym required!

- All done online via email, private members site, follow-along videos and Facebook group

- AND MORE! Get ALL the details below

Here is what other women had to say about the  30-day faith and fitness challenge:

What can YOU do in 15-20min a day? 

SO much more than you realize!

- Work out from home or ANYWHERE you are! No equipment needed.


- Quick workouts for the busy woman! They should only take you 15-20min a day! You can even start doing just ONE round which will take about 5 minutes and STILL be effective!


- Shred fat and sculpt lean muscle with my strategically designed workouts that will target your entire body so that you burn major calories!


- Access the private Facebook group where other women will be doing the challenge with you! You will be accountable to stay on track each day with support from the others and I will also be available in the group 24/7 for all your questions!


- Appropriate for ALL FITNESS LEVELS: In the daily "follow-along" videos I demonstrate how to do each exercise as a beginner up to advanced so that you can workout according to YOUR fitness level!


- Daily check-ins within our group to discuss the devotion of the day, the mindset training technique of the day and the workout of the day!


- Daily brain training techniques in the book will teach you how to create the discipline and motivation required to stick to your goals and achieve lasting results!

- Nutrition guidance and more!

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