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Compare Training Plans: Which is right for you?

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(Stop watching at 5:08,after the first 2 options, because I am no longer offering those last options)

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There is a Success Story with YOUR Name on it!

Option #1: Complete Customized One-on-One- Online Training

$197 for the initial month, $167 per month thereafter w/ 3 month min. commitment


This is the total package girl! Your ticket to total transformation! 

Your personalized program covers workouts+nutrition designed specifically for you, as well as 24/7 coaching via text, email and video calls, weekly check ins, tracking progress with pics and measurements + more.

Sit back and let me do all the guess work. Your only job is to follow the plan laid out for you and watch your body change before your very eyes!

What's Included:


Customized Nutrition+Supplement Suggestions


Personalized Workout Program via our app


One-on-One Coaching

Option #2: Custom Workout Only 

Mom of 4 Weight Loss Progress

IMPORTANT: You should be already very experienced in exercise, as this does not include personal help from me with questions on proper form or any other coaching. You will need to be self motivated, as I will not be checking in with you.


No more wondering what to do for your workouts every day, or jumping around trying different videos online. I will design a workout for at home or the gym, with or w/out without equipment, completely customized according to your body type, needs, goals, fitness level, lifestyle, etc.

Your workout will be easily accessed in my app, with easy-to-follow instructions, sets and reps, and video demonstrations.  

No other coaching is involved, this is just a custom workout plan.

What's Included:


Customized Nutrition+Supplement Suggestions


Personalized Workouts


One-on-one Coaching

$97/mo w/ 3mo minimum

In-Person Training Available to Local Ladies!

Training out of my small gym in League City!


Local to Bay Area Houston and interested in training with me IN PERSON, one on one?

I offer 30min training sessions once or twice a week as well as the option to add on nutrition coaching and workout programming for the other days of the week when you aren't with me!

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Not Currently Available