The Ab Lab

Flatten your stomach.

Strengthen and define your core with the BEST exercises that target the right muscles. 

Stop wasting time doing pointless ab exercises that aren't getting you any results.

Get access to my favorite core workouts that work the right muscles in the right way, and say hello to sexy abs!

There is alot of mis-information out there in the online fitness world, especially when it comes to ab exercises.  For example, did you know that "side bend" exercise where you crunch directly to the side will actually give your waist line a "wide" appearance?  

I see so many people doing useless or even counter productive ab exercises they saw in a magazine or online, and it's time to cut through the BS and just do what WORKS!

I have put together 5 ab workouts to add to your routine with only the BEST ab exercises that bring REAL results!  

What do you get?

- Ab Workouts Tutorial Videos:  Workouts can be done anywhere, with or without equipment


In each tutorial video, you'll have a specific sequence of exercises to target your abs from all angles, so you can sculpt and define those lean lines. I will demonstrate all the moves, with variations and modifications so you can start out easier and work your way up as you progress! 

VALUE: $47

- Abs Workout Guide

Too many people waste their time doing ab workouts that aren't effective - because they're either not using good form, or they don't put their workout moves in the right order/sequence.

You can take all the guesswork out of the planning with these specifically sequenced workouts, plus get the step by step on how to do each move with the best form so you can get better results, faster!

VALUE: $27

- Nutrition Guide

It's true, abs are mostly made in the kitchen.  So I am including my nutrition guide to help you fuel your body properly and shed the fat, so that your newly built lean muscle can show through!

VALUE: $67










Total Value: $141

Leia Nicole's Fit Chick Discount:  ONLY $27!

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