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The Fit Chick Academy is an online coaching program that walks you through progressive nutrition and exercise plans month after month, so that you never hit a plateau or fall off track again!

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Have you ever started a diet or exercise program, completed it and didn't know what to do next... so you just kind of stopped?

Or maybe you feel like you've been spinning your wheels, just doing the same ol' routines over and over again, the same classes at the gym and feeling like you haven't seen progress in months (or years)!?

The Fit Chick Academy solves that problem!

- Exercise programs strategically designed to start at your fitness level and progressively move you toward your goals, month after month. 

- Learn how to make healthy eating EASY and ENJOYABLE!


- Never hit a plateau! Your workout changes monthly to keep you progressing, getting stronger and moving closer to your goals!


- Stop worrying about what workout you need to do... just log in and follow the plan for that day! Month after month, you will always have a  plan. Videos are included!


- Have your own On-Call Personal Trainer!  That's right ladies, I will be there with you ALL THE WAY. You will have 24/7 access to me via email and private Facebook group whenever you have questions or need extra coaching.


- A data base of answers to ALL your health and fitness questions!


- Guided meditations and mindset training

- And so... much... more....

BONUSES:  When you join the Academy, you will get access to some of my programs that I have available for purchase on my site, as well as recipe books and nutrition guides that I normally charge for.... but you will get them for FREE!

And guess what the best part is?  You get ALL THIS for just .49cents a day ($14.99 a month!)  That's LITERALLY less than a dollar a day!



If you haven't watched the video above yet, check it out... I explain it all in a little more detail. 

Now, you can afford .49cents a day to change your life, your health, and your body. To have consistent plans to follow month after month, designed to keep your body progressing and to give you a confidence you've never had before.

It's MORE than worth it, ladies. 

And it's from someone you can TRUST. I am not here to sell you a dream, to sell you supplements or products or promises of quick and easy weight loss. 

I am here to CUT THROUGH all the B.S. out there about fitness, take away the overwhelm, and just give you what actually WORKS. 

Stop trying to sift through the information overload that is the internet, struggling to decipher what's fact and what is fiction in the world of weight loss. Stop trying every single program that comes your way hoping one will finally work.

I created this program because I was tired of seeing so many women fighting this battle.  NO MORE.  It doesn't have to be so confusing, so difficult. You just need consistent guidance and direction from a trustworthy source.

Join the Fit Chick Academy and let's finally reach those goals once and for all.... and STAY there!

One of my Fit Chicks after

only 2 weeks!

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