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Why choose Leia Nicole Fitness?

Personal Training and the Art of Listening

By paying attention to the little things, a personal trainer can know exactly what her client needs at all times.

Meeting with a trainer can be uncomfortable at first. It’s never easy walking up to a stranger and admitting that your body is in need of some serious work.  

Many personal trainers can put high expectations on you, and make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, which often leads to giving up.

I take a very different approach with my clients in the beginning.  If you’re debating on whether or not to reach out to a trainer for help, let me give you an idea of how I work with clients.

1.  I take it slow and steady.

We highlight realistic goals and ambitions from the start, so you know what to expect.  That will help keep you from feeling any disappointment when changes aren’t immediate. 

I emphasize that success will require time and patience.  We set you up with the proper mindset right away.  We will create a steady, realistic and achievable goal that fits into your lifestyle.

2. I am an active listener

I recall a time my client felt winded during a session.  I encouraged her to get into a “child’s pose”  (a yoga pose to stretch)  She would take a moment to stretch and catch her breath, then we were right back at it.

I try to respond to situations by adjusting things, rather than with judgement.  This gives my client a level of comfort she needs to be honest about her physical state and the set backs she has experienced. 

My client can now tell me when she feels “sluggish” or “off” without shame.  I will then dig into what transpired in her day or the previous days, ask about her nutrition, hours spent at her desk, stress levels, sleep and so on.  This will determine how our workout plays out that day.

 My client Lisa, who lost 70lbs in just 8 months!

3. Foster a shift in mindset

My clients will often say that they have experienced great physical results, but it was the mindset shift that they are the most happy about. 

They learn that setting a goal like fitting into a pair of pants by a certain date can activate unhealthy coping mechanisms if she falls short. 

But if they focus on intrinsic motivators, such as noticing how their body functions so much better when they aren’t consuming sugar, or noticing how they can move with greater strength, how they feel more confident and capable, they are more likely to remain focused and grounded when stressful events happen and less likely to trigger old patterns.

My client Krissy, pictured in her photo above (this is her ONE month transformation!) is the perfect example of mindset change.  Check out her video testimonial  >>>>>>>>>>> HERE

I could not be more pleased with all my clients, online AND in person!  They inspire me to be a better trainer and to continue learning and inspiring!

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As always, you can reach out and chat if you have any questions, I am here to serve!