• L.C.

Find the Greatness Hidden Within You

Motivational videos should be at the very least a WEEKLY part of your life.  Even just quick 5 minute videos to motivate and inspire you can make such a difference in keeping you pushing toward your goals.  

What we focus on is what we experience, so make it a part of your daily or weekly routine to focus on something inspiring. 

The speaker in this video is a man named Les Brown, and he has a very powerful story to share.  

From the beginning, the odds were stacked against him. Les and his twin brother were born in an abandoned building and put up for adoption. In school he was labelled mentally retarded and was referred to as “D.T.” for the “Dumb Twin.”

There were many more challenges ahead of Les, but he had a hunger within him – a hunger to give back to the big-hearted woman who adopted him, a hunger to get people to overcome mediocrity and reach their potential…just like he did.

Today, Les’ words and passion has helped countless people realize their GREATNESS and achieve their dreams.

But just imagine if Les never chased his dream, fed his hunger, or fought to overcome obstacle after obstacle – internally and externally.

What if he went on letting himself believe that he was the “Dumb Twin”?  What if he let his past dictate what kind of future he should expect for himself? What if he let rejection or his lack of a college degree shrink his dream to become a motivational speaker?

Now consider the huge number of people who are now living bigger lives and dreaming bigger dreams because one man was brave enough to go after his.

Once you hear Les Brown speak, you can’t forget it. His words have helped thousands of people shake off mediocrity and come face to face with who they are capable of becoming.

In this video, Les tells us that it is not only possible for us to have our dream, it’s necessary.