In-Person Private Training

Hey sister!
Are you local to the Houston Bay Area?
Do you need someone to help keep you accountable?
Make an appointment with me once or twice
a week to show up, and let me WORK YOU OUT!
For many of us, it's easy to come up with
excuses NOT to exercise.
We need that appointment with someone,
so that we feel the need to SHOW UP!
I offer private 1-on-1 training sessions at
my small gym in League City.
These workouts are just 30min BUT they
are EFFECTIVE!  No matter how busy you
are, I KNOW you can find time for a 30min workout 1-3x a week!
I design each workout according to your fitness level and goals. It will never be "too hard", but it will be challenging.
Want to set up a training session?  LET'S DO IT!
Shoot me a message below and let's chat!