Supplements I Recommend 

I have searched long and hard for a supplement company that I can trust. Most supplements are a total waste of money!

After alot of research, I was so excited to find 1st Phorm. I now take all of these products to help fill the gaps in my nutrition, and to help me recover quicker from workouts! 

So if you're busy like me, often finding yourself with no time to cook, needing something easy to grab and go, this is for you. Or maybe you hate veggies like me! Maybe you want to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to look and feel good without having to eat all the greens. 


Sure, you could find cheaper supplements, but it all comes down to HOW they are made and the ingredients they use. Most supplements use cheap processes to create their products, which degrade the integrity of the ingredients and basically render them useless. Don't waste your money! Your body and health should be a priority, so choose high quality products & ingredients that will actually bring results!

My Favorites:

Meal Replacement Protein: I LOVE Level-1 for helping me get in all the protein I need throughout the day. Do you sometimes feel too busy to make lunch, or maybe you struggle to get enough protein? This will make your life SO much easier. The flavor options are incredible and taste SO good! This protein digests slowly, and will help keep you fuller, longer. 


Quick Digesting Protein:  Phormula-1 is best used pre or post workout. It digests quickly, which helps your body recover faster after a tough workout! The flavors taste amazing! This is a great way to get in some quick protein to help your body replenish and recover faster, building lean sexy muscles! 


Greens: This is a MUST HAVE!  With each serving of Opti-Greens, you get the benefits of eating 11+ servings of veggies, along with a blend of superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes! The boost of nutrients from Opti-Greens 50 will help detoxify your body, boost natural energy levels, optimize digestion and nutrient absorption and so much more!

I personally don't like veggies that much, so I mix this in water with some berry flavored MIO and it's delicious! I've never felt better since making this a part of my diet.


Fruits + Antioxidants: Opti-Reds 50 is packed full of 50 colorful fruits, veggies, and herbs blended together to provide you with an amazing superfood drink! I actually mix this with my greens and get a double bang for my buck! It's anti-aging, boosts metabolism, decreases inflammation, boosts energy and so much more!


Daily vitamins: I LOVE these little packs! Each pack has all the nutrients your body needs for overall healthy operation, and to perform and recover properly. I take one pack a day and feel great knowing my body is getting all the right stuff!  Each pack contains:

  •  Complete Multivitamin

  •  Antioxidant

  •  Fruits & Veggie Superfood Blend

  •  Essential Fatty Acids

  •  Probiotic

  •  CoQ10

Meal Replacement Protein Bars: I always keep these bars on hand. When I don't have time to eat or even make a shake, I grab a bar and eat on the go. These are also great for outdoor hikes and road trips!  A great way to get in your protein, and they taste so good! Most protein bars are really just glorified candy bars.. but these are clean, healthy and nutritious! So happy to have found them!