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3 Tips to Staying Motivated

We all struggle with motivation. It comes and goes... but how can we get it to stick!?

How can we become one of those dedicated people who get up every day and work towards their goals, regardless of how they feel?

When you're tired, when you're not seeing results, when you're just feeling overwhelmed and like it's all "too much"... that's when these tips can make or break your commitment.

Take action and implement these tips into your life today and you'll be able to feel that rockstar inspiration come rushing back, running through your veins and reminding you how totally AWESOME you are and how you totally GOT THIS!!!!

Watch the video below, and then follow the steps! You can listen to me talk all day long but until you do the work, you won't get anywhere. But motivation work is FUN, so let's get to it!

#1. Mindset

Practice focusing on all the things you have to be grateful for. Instead of thinking about how tired you are, how you really don't have time for the gym today, how you worked hard all week and deserve to just lay on the couch and binge on netflix...

As soon as those thoughts start to creep in, NOTICE them, then change the channel in your mind. Instead, start to think about what can I be grateful for right now? Be thankful you have a healthy body and mind.

Some people are stuck in wheel chairs and would do anything to be able to go for a run or lift some weights. You have working arms and legs, you have a sound mind and can get up and do anything you want right now - what a blessing! Why waste it just sitting around!??

Think about how thankful you are for the roof over your head, your cup of coffee, the love of your pets. Focus on the good and you will eventually re-wire your brain, LITERALLY.

Science has proven you can program your mind, and you've been doing it all these years with negative thoughts! That's why it's so easy for those thoughts of being too tired to take over and convince you to skip your workout. They are your brains default settings! You can change that, with practice. Every day becoming aware of your thoughts and changing them to something positive over time will create a whole new way of thinking.

You will be more energized each day, ready to take on the world. And those thoughts of feeling tired, or letting your feelings talk you out of doing the work, will slowly fade away.

#2. Create a vision board

If you don't have time to think about WHAT you want, become clear on your goals, and create a dream board... when will you have time to actually DO the work that is required to REACH those goals? Dreaming is the fun part!

You have to become clear on what you want... do you want to lose weight? Great, but that's not a goal. Instead, say "I want to be 19% body fat and I want to reach that goal in 6 months." Do you know you need to drink more water? Well, "more water" isn't a goal. Instead, say "I will drink 3 more glasses of water every day this week". Be specific.

Cut out inspiring quotes to put on your vision board, or a photo of yourself when you felt amazing and you were at a healthy weight. Make it pretty and put it somewhere you will see it every day! Keep the vision before your eyes. As they say, out of sight out of mind... so keep it in front of you daily!

#3. Write down your WHY

You MUST connect with the deeper reason behind why you are chasing this goal. It's not just about a number on a scale, or what size jeans you wear. Is it for your children? Do you want to be a role model? Do you want to beat depression and anxiety, get off pain meds and feel healthy and happy again? Do you want to get your confidence back? Do you want to wake up every day full of energy?

Tap into the real reason, with a deeper meaning, and write those reasons down. Put them where you will see them every day. Unless you have a compelling reason WHY to keep you moving forward during the hard times, it will be too easy for you to give up.

Have you noticed a recurring theme here? Each one of these 3 things must be practiced DAILY. So now it's time for your homework. Become aware of your thoughts daily and make sure you're changing negative thoughts into positive ones. Practice daily gratitude.

Create a vision board and look at it every day. And write down your reasons WHY you really want this, and put it up somewhere you can read it and be reminded of it every day.

The secret to changing your life lies in your daily routine. Add these things into your life and you will wake up motivated each morning!

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Here's to your success!