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The scariest moment is always just before you start

Which program is right for you?

With many different options available, it can be hard to know where you should start first!  Let me help you.

One on One Personal Training Online:  

>>> If you're looking for the total package, and you KNOW you need someone to hold you accountable or you will fall off track, this is the option for you!  


>>>The main reason people don't see progress or success when trying to lose weight, is because they don't have anyone to answer to but themselves!  

It can be easy to slack on our own, but having your trainer there, checking in on you, asking to see your food log and your work out journal, knowing you will have to answer to her every week - THAT is accountability.  That is the biggest factor in success.   CLICK HERE  to check it out!

>>> I will design a program totally unique and specific to your body type, needs and goals.  One plan doesn't always work for everyone.  Someone who is 5'7 and needs to lose 30lbs will need a much different program than someone 5'3 and needs to lose 50lbs.


>>> Everything from your nutrition to your exercise plan will be based on YOU as an individual.  Your workout plan will be based on what equipment you have at home and your exercise level. Your nutrition is based on your body type, lifestyle, medical conditions, etc.  And when you hit a plateau or you're not seeing progress, you have someone there who can do the detective work, figure out how to tweak your plan and help you figure out what works best for YOUR body.  This is as good as it gets right here!

DIY Programs:  

>>> If you're looking to have a done-for-you program to follow along on your own time, these are for you! Leia's online programs are her best sellers and have given women some jaw dropping results!  

>>> There is a program to help build and shape your booty and legs,

a fat blasting program to help you shred up and lean out, and a program to help you achieve the abs of your dreams!  

>>> More programs are on the way.. so keep a look out!  These are great if you're looking to hit a specific body part or have a very specific goal.  The program is emailed to you with a workout routine and nutrition guide, access to Leia and her Facebook Group for support and video demonstrations of every move! Download it to your phone and do it all on your own time.  CLICK HERE to check out the programs!