Super Shred

You're only 10 weeks away from being in the best shape of your life!

Tested and proven formula for visible results in under 3 months

What is the Shred?

Designed to get you "beach body ready", this 10 week program will help you shred fat, tighten, tone, build confidence and rock any outfit you want!


Not only do you get 10 weeks of nutrition and exercise programming, but you also get ME, your own personal trainer on call helping you throughout the entire process!

Sarah shares her Amazing results from

the Super Shred Program

(Formerly known as Summer Shred)

How much would you LOVE to look in the mirror and LOVE the reflection staring back? 


If only you could find a fun and exciting exercise program, so you could wave goodbye to those sugar cravings and no longer feel bloated, flabby or worn out. 


Look no further!


Join Super Shred today!


I know you're sick of weight-watching - the bathroom scale mocks you every single day. You keep reaching for those sweets/chips/chocolates, because "What's the point? I'm never going to win this battle anyway".


Sound familiar?


Stop dreaming about that bikini body and start living with confidence in a body that is fueled, fit and foxy!  Stop the constant yo-yoing and last-minute diets, and make the complete transformation into a lean, tight & toned woman who LOVES the way she looks and feels!

Will this work for you?

Whether you’re an exhausted mom with no time for yourself or a full-time workaholic with no time to exercise, you’ve reached a crossroads where things have to change.

Maybe you’re a young-at-heart fifty-something, busy caring for others, but you know you need to start taking better care of yourself.  Or maybe you're in your 20's-30's and it's getting harder to lose the weight and keep it off every year that goes by.


Heather shares her results from

the Super Shred Program

If you’ve got a little baby weight to drop, a total beginner to all of this or a seasoned exerciser just looking for a fresh new way to challenge your body, Super Shred is for you!


If you already exercise, but you’re not seeing results  - Super Shred is for you.  If life is CRAZY PANTS BUSY, but you’re sick of feeling frumpy .... yep! Super Shred is for you!

Proven fat shedding
techniques & Nutrition
Community & Professional
Support the entire 10 weeks

What do you get with Super Shred?​​


Fun, daily workouts with video tutorials of every exercise – accompanied by

recommended adaptations and modifications to suit different fitness levels.

I will describe how to do each move with proper form, options for beginners

all the way up to advanced, and options for different equipment.  You’ll find

daily tips + answers to your Qs in our private Facebook community and you’ll

experience a variety of training that can be done both at the gym and at home.   

We keep it varied & interesting to challenge your body, steadily progress and

keep you from getting bored! 

2. MINDSET TRAINING (value: $97)

Get ready to experience a complete shift in perspective. The attitude to your lifestyle will radically change, plus you’ll get regular mindset tips and community support to help you stay committed throughout the 10 weeks and beyond. This is about learning how to LOVE your body, to work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths and know that we can FEEL GOOD about where we are now while working toward becoming better every day! You WILL come out of this program feeling much more confident and capable of anything!

3. NUTRITION (value: $127)

You’ll get meal plans and recipes I personally love, which fuel your body and sustain your energy. No more snacking on junk and comfort food – you’ll discover a huge range of foods you can eat, so you stop experiencing the blood-sugar spikes which drive those cravings. You’ll get grocery lists, nutrition tips, plus, I’ll share fast and easy recipes that don’t require chef skills to make!


This is NOT a DIY program. I’m with you every step of the way. I’m here to support you, so you don’t give up. But I’m not going to baby you. I’m going to challenge and push you, because I know that you’re capable of doing much more than you think. And I know, deep down, how much you want this.

5. SUPPORT (value: $200)

As well as my personal support and guidance, you’ll have your own band of unstoppable cheerleaders in the form of our Private Facebook community: a group filled with other women, just like you. I’ll be active every single day - we’re going to share the highs, the lows and the wins, which means you won’t be shunned for “slipping off the wagon” – we’ll commiserate and get each other back on track!

6. RESULTS (value: priceless)

A brand new physique, confidence, drive and a new-found love & respect for your body - the body you were meant to have, inside and out. (value: priceless)

In this progressive program, you’ll notice changes to your physique and energy levels as early as week two and by week four you’ll discover a new-found appreciation for how incredible your body actually is. By the end of this 10-week program you’ll be ready to shop for the kind of clothes you’d never normally dream of wearing – in fact you’ll probably need a whole new wardrobe!

7. CONFIDENCE (value: priceless)

What I love most about the transformations my clients make, is seeing how confident they become – confidence in knowing which healthy foods will fuel their bodies, self-esteem shooting sky-high because they actually love how they look and how strong their body now is – that is why I do what I do. 


Yes, there's bonuses!!!  If you act now you get:

BONUS #1: Unlimited Email Support and Coaching for the 1st 2 weeks (value: $127)

BONUS #2: Nutrition Guides:  You will get recipe books that come with descriptions and video instructions, and each recipe has a barcode that you can just scan into your My Fitness Pal app and it logs the whole meal fpr you!

You will also get tips and tricks on ways to eat for maximum results. You'll learn what good carbs and bad carbs are, what the best kind of protein is, foods that aid in fat loss and more! (value: $37)


YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $49!  (That's less than $1 a day!)


When you join Super Shred today, you'll have access to it FOREVER!  That means if you fall off track, you can start over again anytime. You can do the program with us again next year. If you don't feel ready now, you can purchase it at this great price and do the program when you ARE ready. Any updates made to the program will be accessable to you as well!

UPGRADE TO THE VIP PACKAGE, AND YOU'LL GET everything listed above, PLUS....

Based on your specific body type and goals, I’ll create a custom plan to help you figure out how

many calories you should be consuming and how many grams of protein, carbs and (the right)

fats you need! With Nutrition being such a key player in your success, this is an AMAZING

bonus for VIP students!


Skype Week 1 – to work out how you can personally get the most out of this program
Skype Week 5 – to assess your progress and make a plan to help you stay on track to smash your goals
Skype Week 10 – to assess what you enjoyed most about Super Shred and what gave you the most results, plus develop a

longer-term plan.


You can email me, day or night with your questions and I will be here to walk you through step by step. We will do check ins regularly to make sure you are on track and to hold you accountable!


YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $97! (That's less than $2/day!)


YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $49! (less than $1 a day!)


By the way......This is NOT a short-term fix.


We’ll each have our own 10-week end goals (like a specific fitness level, more energy for certain activities, a particular body part you’re tackling, or super-charging your self-esteem), but The Super Shred will give you all the tools you need for long-term and lasting change.

By joining Super Shred you’re joining a community of like-minded women for confidence-boosting, flaws-and-all, SUPPORT.


Client Praise

"Working with Leia has changed my life.  Not only did her program help me lose the weight I wanted to lose, but she helped me become more confident and learn how to love my body no matter where I am on my journey.  I can't say enough good things about Leia and her programs".   - Sandy

"If you are looking to become physically fit (regardless of your size or age), mentally strong, find your inner strength and beauty, and know how to eat healthy and enjoy it then you owe it to yourself to visit Leia. She will get you on the right track. Leia does not believe there is a "perfect" body type, only a healthy and fit body. She will not judge and is very supportive and caring. If you have health or joint/muscle related problems she will find a way to make it work specifically for you. Her plans are not "one size fits all". I have had two back surgeries and she has designed a fitness plan that works for my limited movement in my lower back. She is EXCELLENT!!!!!"   - Janna

Christina from Houston shares her results

from the Super Shred Program





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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I do the Super Shred at home or do I need to use a gym?
A. All exercises can be done at home or in the gym – it’s really your preference.  I demonstrate each exercise with just body weight, at home with little to no equipment, or at the gym using barbells, cable machines and more.

Q. What equipment do I need?
A. No equipment necessary! I show you how to use whatever you have at home, even if it's just your couch and bodyweight! You can perform the exercises in sneakers or barefoot. Some of the self-care trainings involve foam rollers – this is an optional item, though you can pick up rollers from just $8 online.


Q. Is Super Shred only suitable for beginners?
A. Our workouts all feature recommended adaptations for different fitness levels, so Super Shred is perfect for more advanced participants who want to sculpt their curves, as well as complete beginners and everyone in between. This is a progressive program and participants of all levels will get impressive results. 

Q. How much time will this program take?
A. Meal preparation will take approximately half an hour each day.
The workouts take approximately 30mins, once per day, six days a week with one rest day. The workouts are designed to move quickly. As long as you’re not taking long rests between exercises, they should take you around 30min.  But if you do need to catch your breath, don’t be afraid to take a few extra seconds between sets. It’s more important that you do the workouts safely and with proper form, than to do them fast.

Q. How strict are the meal plans?
A. We don’t do strict when it comes to food! A major part of this program is mindset shifting, so choosing healthy, nutritious options becomes second nature. But we’re only human, not robots, so you won’t be scapegoated for “falling off the wagon”.The meals plans are flexible guides, with a range of recipes, grocery lists and more for at-home meal planning and eating out. Eating healthy is NOT a diet, it’s a way of life.


Q. How much weight will I lose?
A. This is NOT about the number on your scale! Some clients end up weighing the same but looking completely different, because their body takes on a new shape.
The goal is not to "get skinny" but to build healthy muscle, get rid of unwanted fat and become much stronger, leaner, tighter and more toned. Simply making the number on the scale go down will not give you the body you want. Lean muscle is what gives you shape, definition, tone, and curves in all the right places

Q. I have [insert health condition] / I’m pregnant - is The Super Shred safe for me?
A. I always advise seeking the advice of your doctor or health professional before embarking on any new exercise and/or eating program. I have certifications in the following areas:
Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Osteoperosis Fitness, Menopause, and Fibromyalgia Exercise.  However, usually I work with such clients 1-to-1 so please contact me first, before purchasing this program, to discuss its suitability to your specific situation.

Q. I’m already doing another fitness program, can I do Super Shred at the same time?
A. YES, as long as you take your rest days and don’t start feeling burned out. It is not necessary to exercise more than 2 hours a day, and your body needs time to recover. So please pace yourself.

Who's Your Coach (and how is Super Shred different)?

Hi, I’m Leia, and I believe ANY woman, whatever her age or ability can create the beautiful and strong physique she desires (and deserves).

Due to my experience as a massage therapist and wellness professional, my approach is different. Not only am I an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and member of the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, I am a trained bodyworker with years of experience and an award-winning spa to my name.

This means I have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy science and musculoskeletal issues, 
which gives me a unique health and wellness perspective to my work as a personal trainer.

I also pride myself on being a lifelong learner and continue to take professional development training. Some of my certifications include:

- Nutrition for Health and Performance
- Lifestyle and Weight Management
- Program Design and Implementation
- Fitting Fitness into Parenthood
- Pre and Post Natal Exercise Exercise
- Osteoperosis Fitness
- Menopause
- Fibromyalgia and Exercise
- Nutritional Strategies and Macronutrient Balance
- Brain Training – Mindset, Meditation and Visualization  

As you can see, I take a holistic approach and tailor my trainings to the individual needs, health, lifestyle and body-type of my clients.


How did I end up here?
In 2011 I decided to sell my award-winning spa and follow my dreams down to Galveston Island, Texas! An athlete since the age of four, I’ve worked with dozens of incredible clients as their 1-on-1 personal trainer.


I am the creator of the Diva Booty app and my Build a Booty Workshops, in which I teach a proven formula that helps women sculpt their curves, turning jiggle into bounce! I’m honored to have garnered 5-star reviews for my services on Facebook and Google, and in the Google Play App Store!

I am also the author of "Get Your Faith in Shape" the 30 day devotional to help build your spiritual muscles.  This daily guide has helped hundreds of women learn how to LOVE themselves, love their body, and discover their worth does not come from the scale. It's all about a healthy mindset, body image and lifestyle. 

So... what are you waiting for!?? 

Here's a slimmed down version of what you get in the 10 week Super Shred:

- Perspective shifting mindset training (value $97).
- Fun weekly workouts with video tutorials + daily training tips for at the gym OR in your own home – no fancy equipment needed 
(value $400).
- Nutritional education - grocery lists, nutrition tips, meal plans, fast and easy recipes I personally love that don’t require chef skills to make! (value $127)
- Supportive Coaching: This is NOT a DIY program. You won’t be babied, but I’m with you every step of the way to challenge and push you to become leaner, stronger and full of energy. (value $300)
- The private Facebook community forum: we’ll cheer each other on until we become unstoppable! 
(value $200)
- Results: a brand new physique built with lean muscle using proven techniques – you are beautiful and you deserve a strong, healthy and dynamic body. (value $Priceless)
- A complete transformation into a more confident, driven, strong, lean and toned individual (value $Priceless)

- Self-care technique trainings (value $47).

- Nutrition Guides ($37)

- Personalized Macro-Nutrient regimen for VIP customers (value $97)
- 1 to 1 Coaching & unlimited email support for VIP customers (value $660)

Please only join us if you want to be challenged and held accountable. If you want super-fast, short-term results or a quick-fad-diet-fix this is NOT for you.

But if you DO want to transform your body and mind to become a stronger, leaner, more driven and confident person - if you want to have fun doing things you never thought you could, Super Shred IS for you!


YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $49! (less than $1 a day!)


YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $97! (less than $2 a day!)