Custom Nutrition Coaching



YAAASSS Queen!  Let's get started, you have goals to crush!!!

This program includes a custom macronutrient plan, a nutrition guide, recipe books and food log monitoring.

I will be checking your food log regularly, so that highly important accountability factor is there to keep you motivated!

*no personal coaching is included



What's Included:

Custom Macronutrient Plan: This includes how many calories you should be consuming, as well protein, carbs, and fats. 


Nutrition Guide: This is a short ebook with all the dos and don'ts, tips and tricks of HOW and WHAT to eat in order to reach your goals. It includes grocery lists, recipes, meal ideas and suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies.  This is a guide both my clients and I have used personally for the most optimal results in terms of shedding body fat, building lean muscle, toning/defining, having more energy, getting better sleep, boosting metabolism and an overall sense of well-being.  The guide is designed in a "flexible dieting" style to make it easy for you to make meal substitutions. You will never feel deprived! 

Supplement Guide: Supplements are an awesome way to help fill in the gaps when it comes to our nutrition. It can be hard to get in 100 grams of protein some days! But, 95% of supplements are CRAP. I have done the research and found a company that makes QUALITY products that can actually help BOOST your results, instead of just waste your money.  I will provide you with supplement suggestions based on your body type and goals. 

Food Log Monitoring:  Most often, it's the accountability factor that plays the biggest role in our success... having someone check up on us, and knowing we will be letting them down and having to answer for our actions! Keeping a food log is a big key to your success, especially in the beginning. Add me in the My Fitness Pal app, and record everything you eat. You will need to do this in order to make sure you are sticking to the numbers I gave you (calories, carbs, protein, etc) I will monitor your food log and be available via email to help you stay on track with your diet along the way.

Once you place your order, I will send you an email with some questions that will help me design the right nutrition plan for you!