Hot for the Holidays

This 8 Week Program will take you from Thanksgiving through the New Year without gaining the "holiday 10" (pounds) and

starting 2020 in better shape than ever!

Commit to stay FIT this holiday season!

FACT #1: Americans consume more calories each day during the month of November than during any other month of the year

FACT #2 : The average weight gain of a woman between October and New Years is between 7-10 lbs

What if this year was the year you broke the holiday weight gain cycle?

What if this was the year you learned the art of dietary balance, and mindfulness?

Instead of dreading the holidays what if you could learn how to enjoy yourself in a healthy, rational and positive way- WITHOUT the unwanted weight gain?

Instead of desperately trying to lose weight come ‪Jan 1‬, why not learn how to NOT put it on the first place?

If you're serious about a "New Year New You" in 2020- ask yourself- honestly- WHY NOT NOW? Because NOW is the time to start building healthier habits with food, not several weeks from now when you're knee deep in cookies, holiday candy, egg nog and your grandma's apple pie. 

Check out Crystal's Results from the Hot for the Holidays Program!

Psst... she lost 14lbs.....


If you are dreading the holiday season because you’re worried about weight gain, you’re not alone.

I’ve spent 8 years as a coach helping my clients individually strategize this challenging time so that they can embrace and enjoy the season without sacrificing their health and fitness goals.

Check out Katy's Results

(She lost 12lbs and is joining the program again this year)

Discover the step by step process these women used to stay in great shape through this busy time of year!

What You Get:

The step by step holiday survival guide that gives you the tools, process and strategy to get through the holidays with ease. Enjoy family time, good food and still stay on track with your health and fitness goals. ($37 value)

E-book with your 8 week program including workouts and nutrition that you can download to your phone, computer or just print it off and go! Each day is laid out for you, step by step.

($67 value)

Healthy Snacks & Shakes Recipes

(E-book: $19 value)

Nutrition guide + grocery list

($47 value)

Access to the membership site, with all the workout videos demonstrating how to do each move with proper form. The videos also give you options for beginners, intermediate and advanced so that you will always be challenged no matter what your current fitness level is. The workouts can be done at home, in a gym, hotel... anywhere! You will also have a community of other women on this journey with you, and ME as your coach! ($197 value)

Check out Kara's Results from Hot for the Holidays

This program is valued at $367, but you can join today for only $27!



OPTIONAL NUTRITION ADD ON:  Get a personalized meal plan for just $9 more!

Getting your nutrition on point is KEY. If you feel like you want very specific guidance with your diet, I will calculate how many calories, carbs, fats, protein, etc. you need... totally personalized just for your body type, lifestyle and goals!

Option #1: $27

Get everything listed above, without the Nutrition Plan

Option #2: $36

Everything listed above WITH added nutrition plan (personalized calories, macros, etc)

I've never done this before! That's 8 weeks of nutrition, diet, and group coaching with your own personal certified trainer... for only $27!

Upgrade to the VIP Package

Here, we will work close together during these next 8 weeks. You'll get:
- Everything listed above + the personalized nutrition plan
- Weekly check-ins via email once/week to assess progress
- Food log checks weekly
- Coaching, accountability and discussions about your wins, struggles + goals

8 weeks of VIP is normally $574, but my special price for the Hot for the Holidays ladies will be just $67!

Check out our promo video below to hear more

about why you need this awesome program!

So what are you waiting for?

Don't "Start Over" January 1st!

Stick to your goals and start 2020

off ahead of the game!

Never miss a workout no matter

how busy you are, with these great home workout routines!

Look and Feel Amazing all holiday season, and ROCK that New Years Dress!

Have Fun! This process had been

made to be enjoyable, so look

forward to having a blast!

Thrive, don't just survive! 

Get the strategies to enjoy the

holiday goodies without packing

on the pounds

With a plan in place, you can enjoy 

the festivities without sacrificing 

your health and your goals. Start

2020 off with a BANG!

Hurry, doors close 8pm Dec 1st!

Hot for the Holidays Program

Total Value: $367

Leia's Holiday Discount Price: $27

Upgrade to VIP

Get the entire holiday program PLUS 

a customized nutrition plan JUST for your body type, as well as weekly emails check ins with me personally as we work closely together on your own individual goals!


Total value: $574

Special Price for 2019: $67

Hot for the Holidays with No Nutrition Plan or VIP: $27

Hot for the Holidays with added Personalized Nutrition: $36

Can't wait to see you on the inside!!