About Leia Nicole Fitness

 We forget where we put our car keys. We misplace our purses.  We might even lose one of our kids in the toy store... (hey, no judgment). Is it any wonder we often forget to take care of ourselves? 


Meet the personal trainer who has helped so many women rediscover their confidence, strength, and health after losing it somewhere along life's journey! Careers, relationships, children, charities--you name it, and we know you get distracted by it. It's too easy to give of yourself to the point that you willingly overlook giving BACK to yourself.

We're just gonna set these capital letters right here... 


We here at Leia Nicole Fitness, exclusive training for women by women, believe it’s OUR turn to get lost in the toy store.


And no boyfriends, husbands, or children should even try to call our cell phones because they’ll be on silent.

That's right. It’s time to get YOU back.

And this is where Leia comes in.

She kicks so much booty, you'd think she was anti-pirate. (She's very much pro-Jack Sparrow, though, so please don't form a picket line). She’s the one who’s going to make you dig deep for all of life’s greatest offerings, which means a lot more than just diet and workouts. (We promise it even includes chocolate. Possibly strawberries with the chocolate. And we've learned wine can be like relaxation in a bottle... but we're getting ahead of ourselves.) 


Leia will make plans with you from the OUTSIDE-IN, training your mind as well as your body.  Trust us when we say to create long lasting health and fitness you need to include things like self-care! Self-care? Is that like showering at appropriate times, not bringing work home with you, and finding clothes to wear that aren't stained by a child's spittle?


Well, yes, actually, but there's so much more! Self-care means you gotta love yourself in a proactive kind of way, creating a daily routine, establishing good habits, destroying negative self-talk and learning to love what you see in the mirror!

Leia is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Life Strategist. She's what we call a triple threat. But the only one who needs to be afraid, is your insecurities.... because they're about to get obliterated! 


Leia's passion is for helping others learn how to tap into their own unique talents and create for themselves a life they love! Isn't it time to be living your dream life?  Through nutrition, exercise, daily habits and training the mind as well as the body, Leia has watched the magic work first-hand in her own life, and now she's been blessed to witness it in the lives of her clients. 


You can lose the weight,

sculpt a body you feel confident in,

and make it last a lifetime.  

Leia works with YOU, the every day woman, who wants to look and feel their best, at any age or experience level. Her ultimate goal is to teach you how to make your changes into a lifestyle that you can maintain, and actually enjoy!  


It's about fitness for the body, mind and spirit.

Leia works with real women to get real results! She is always personally involved with her clients no matter the miles in between! She is there with you every step of the way.

There are no barriers in your quest to reach sky high goals, and likewise there are no barriers when it comes to reaching out for help and support. Leia makes herself available because your success is her main goal and focus!


She’s also pretty trendy and likes to keep up with the latest research in fitness and nutrition so that she can provide the most up to date information to her clients.

Remember, as a life strategist, her training extends to her client’s mindset, confidence, spiritual growth, goal setting, self-care, meditation, success and happiness. (We understand this sounds like the description of a well-rounded pixelated pixie-dust toting Disney character, but we assure you Leia is only animated in spirit!)   


Leia has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and member of the IDEA Health and Fitness Association since 2011  (That's longer than some of us have been able to dedicate to a pet bunny, let alone training and fitness! We trust her for this reason.) She also is a massage therapist & has owned her own health & fitness practice since 2007.


Leia has continuing education and certification in the following fields:

- Nutrition for Health and Performance

- Lifestyle and Weight Management Program Design and Implementation

- Fitting Fitness into Parenthood

- Pre and Post Natal Exercise

- Exercise and Osteoperosis

- Fitness and Menopause

- Fibromyalgia and Exercise

- Nutritional Strategies and Macronutrient Balance