Behind every successful woman 

is a tribe of other successful women

who have her back

I've witnessed too many women in my lifetime who have forgotten their worth, their strength

and their beauty.  


This is a difficult world, ladies... I know I don't have to tell you that! Society likes to preach that we should have children, careers, and of course the perfect body. We can't escape photoshopped perfection, from movie stars who get their body back 3 months post-baby, to endless fitness figures on social media, to models who, God bless them, could benefit from eating some more Dairy Queen. 


Although media trumpets these things as motivation for the working woman/mom/wife, it can feel anything but attainable! Women everywhere end up asking themselves if they can ever measure up... This is the era of the 'selfie', the photoshop generation, and with a click of a button anyone can look like anything! As such, we struggle with insecurity, feelings of self doubt and failure, negative self talk, comparing ourselves to others, and dealing with negativity from other women.

I will never be able to look like her.

I hope she doesn't post that picture of me to Facebook, I look so fat!

 I've tried everything and no matter what I do, I can't loose this weight. 

Please reload

Sound familiar?


Welcome. My name is Leia. I want to see women come together and build each other up. I want to replace the constant flow of unreal images (so many poor poreless supermodels...) with images of real, regular women supporting each other to become stronger and reach their goals together! 

I want to remind you of your strength, your power and your beauty. Don't let the magazine covers bring you down! You absolutely CAN do anything you want to do! 


Do you want to feel more confident?


Isn't it time to love what you see in the mirror?


To never again be afraid to take photos with your friends? 


Lose the fear you have about going to the gym, or going to the beach. Go ahead, shop for that swimsuit and the clothes you really want to wear without that nagging voice of self doubt telling you, "you can't pull that off!" 

Do you want to feel capable of running and playing with your kids without feeling out of breath?


Do you want to have a circle of girlfriends that don't talk down about themselves or others but instead are always encouraging, positive and challenge you to be a better version of yourself?

Remember when you said, "No, don't take my picture... you better not put that on Facebook!"

Soon you'll be tagging yourself before your friends can tag you!

Or what about the times you said, "That bikini is soooo cute, but I could never wear that in public!"

Girl.... YES YOU CAN!

I want to grind the negative self talk into dust

How would it feel to stop worrying about every bite you take and disregard that fluctuating number on the scale? Dear friend, it is time you sleep peacefully so that you can be filled with energy for every new day.


You deserve to feel less stressed, and more balanced. To not only be in control of your day, but also to

design your life and create a world you love to wake up to after every well-deserved night's rest! 

This is the type of community I want to build among women. This is how I want to serve.


My mission, my vision, is to help women re-discover the beauty of their strength. 


To help them regain their confidence, that they would thrive inside a body they feel good about, and experience an abundant life full of happiness, health and success in all they strive for!

This isn't too good to be true. This is too good to pass up.


Are you ready to live like a rockstar?  You got this, and I've got your back!