This 30 day-transformational guide will help you uncover the deeper reasons as to why we all struggle with our health, our habits and our body image.


Are you ready to break through the limitations you've placed on yourself over the years and reach a level of fit and fabulous you've only dreamed of? In Get your Faith in Shape, you'll unlock your hidden potential and create positive changes that will last forever. I'm talking unshakable discipline and contagious motivation that will have everyone asking what your secret is! 

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ALL profits are donated to Animal Rescue groups! Our animals give us unconditional love, they deserve to have it unconditionally returned!

We specifically will be donating to the biggest underdog of them all:

pit bull rescues.

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I've been blessed, now I am going to be a blessing.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

As an animal activist, a passionate voice for the voiceless, Leia was inspired to create a piece of her business that gives back. Often times we ourselves can feel like the underdog, fighting our own unique battles. We believe if anyone can relate to being an underdog it's the innocent, defenseless animals who are abused, abandoned and neglected on the streets (and, sadly, in shelters) every day.

When you purchase our apparel, not only will you be proud to wear it as you conquer that workout, but you can also be proud knowing you are helping to save another underdog - a homeless or abused animal who needs our help to overcome his own tough situation.

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